Environmental Sensors

At Precision Measurement Technologies, we provide environmental sensor solutions for monitoring indoor air quality, relative humidity, temperature changes, particle mass, pressure, and VOCs. Our environmental sensors are suitable for many product applications, including home controllers, appliances, air purifiers, smart thermostats (IoT), vehicles, smartphones, and various wearable devices. All our environmental sensor solutions, from our smallest indoor air quality combo sensors to our individual sensors, like the VOC sensors, pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors, provide precise measurements, enhancing the effectiveness and quality of your products. Other benefits you can reap when you use our environmental sensor product solutions include user-friendly implementations, international compliances, and smaller environmental footprints. For additional support and order details, please contact our PMT team.

Environmental Sensor Products

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Device Product Description
APC1 Air Quality Sensor
Matchbox size air quality sensor for air purification, ventilation and Home & Building Automation
ENS16x Digital, Multi-Signal Air Quality/VOC Sensor
ENS16x is a range of digital multi-gas metal oxide(MOX) sensors, specifically designed for indoor air quality monitoring
ENS170A Combined Air Quality/VOC Sensor
Automotive-grade, micro-machined, multi-gas / air quality sensor ASIC with integrated Arm Cortex-MD CPU
ENS21x Family
 Family of high-performance temperatuer and relative humidity sensors with accuracies tailored to the needs of specific applications.
ENS220 Premium accuracy barometric pressure and temperature sensor for activity tracking and indoor navigation/localization