ENS16x – Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor Family

The ENS16x family of sensors are versatile digital air quality sensors for building automation, appliances and consumer applications.

The ENS61x series were designed for indoor interior air quality monitoring and are a range of digital multi-gas metal oxide (MOX) sensors. They are available with an unparalleled array of fully-processed outputs, including low-power operating modes.

The ENS16x combines advanced on-chip algorithms with detection of a wide range of gases, including oxidizing gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thanks to its novel TrueVOC® technology.

A range of fully processed outputs are computed, including CO2-equivalents, TVOC-equivalents, a 500-step relative AQI according to ScioSense, and a 5-step Air Quality Index (AQI) according to the UBA (German Environment Agency). In addition, the ENS16x provides low-power operating modes for designs with limited power as well as complete humidity correction.

ENS16x – Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor Family

Environmental Sensor Products


  • Multiple, fully processed air quality outputs (eCO2, eTVOC, various AQIs)
  • Current consumption down to 150μA (low-power modes)
  • Hassle-free on-chip data processing


  • Freedom of air quality signal choice
  • Meeting power-constrained applications
  • No ibraries needed – no impact on host CPU


Environment -40 to +85°C / 5 to 95% rH
VDD 1.71 to 1.98V
Dimensions 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.9mm


  • Air Purifiers & Humidifiers
  • Cooker hoods
  • Deman Controlled Ventilation
  • IoT Devices & Smart Thermostats
  • Mobiles / Wearables

ENS16x Factsheet Table

ENS16x Factsheet Table