High Energy Physics Products


Surface Concept measurement systems include delay line detectors, pico-second detection systems, and imaging and line detectors designed for Time-of-Flight spectroscopy applications and other high energy physics applications. These detection measurement systems are used to determine substance composition or structure, develop biological processes used to manufacture materials, and for microscopes with very high resolution, fluorescence microscopy to analyze cell preparations with unparalleled resolution.

Surface Concept is best known for their delay line detectors, which range from 30 millimeters to 120 millimeters. At PMT, we offer Surface Concept’s 2D and 3D models of the delay line detectors that are applicable for mass spectroscopy, x-ray spectroscopy, as well as other high energy physics applications. It is strongly recommended that you use the Surface Concept DLD measurement system that includes the detector and all associated electronics, high voltage power supplies, and cables. This avoids any problems that come with building your own system using electronics and cables from third party providers. However, Surface Concept is very flexible, and you can just purchase the DLD, electronics, and high voltage power supplies a-la-cart to build your own system. In addition to measurement systems, PMT offers Surface Concept connector interface modules, amplifiers, constant fraction discriminators, and power supplies to 12,000 volts.

Reach out to the PMT team to find the best Surface Concept measurement system for you; we’re also happy to provide any additional technical assistance.


Delayline Detectors Are True Counting, Imaging Particle Detectors With Time Resolution:

  • Time slice images can be taken with time windowing down to below 100 ps
  • True single counting system, thus high linearity in hit rate response
  • Brilliant signal / background ratio and very high sensitivity


  • Time of flight analysis for electrons and ions
  • Time correlated or coincidence photon and particle imaging
  • Gated imaging and spectroscopy tasks for X-ray spectroscopy, electron spectroscopy
  • True counting imaging tasks with large areas up to 120 mm detection size

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