ENS21x Family – High Performance Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensors

The ENS21x is a family of high-performance temperature and relative humidity sensors with accuracies suited to certain applications.

The ENS21x series offers industry-leading accuracy, with readings as low as 0.1°C for temperature and 0.8% for relative humidity. Fast response time and dependable long-term functionality make it appropriate for many applications. This includes cold chain management, household appliances, building and automotive HVAC, industrial automation and instrumentation.

The devices are housed in a small QFN4 package and have an I²C interface for interacting with a host CPU outside of it. Additionally, the ENS21x series integrates seamlessly with ScioSense’s gas sensor portfolio and offers digital, pre-calibrated outputs (Kelvin and relative humidity percentage).

ENS21x High Performance Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Environmental Sensor Products


  • Ultra-accurate
    • Temperature: down to ±0.1°C
    • Relative humitidy: down to ±0.8%RH
  • Wide Sensing Range:
    • Temperature: -40 to 125° C
    • Relative humidity: 0 to 100%RH
  • Low Power
    • Standby current: 40nA
    • Automatic low-power standby when not measuring
  • AEC Q100 Grade 1 Compliant Devices



    ENS21x High Performance Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensors


    Sensor Application T-accuracy RH-accuracy T-range RH-range
    ENS210A Automotive qualified ±0.15°C 2.0%RH
    ENS211 Consumer and appliances ±0.15°C 2.0%RH
    ENS212 Premium consumer and appliances ±0.15°C 1.5%RH -40 – 125° C 0-100%
    ENS213A Premium accuracies at high humidity ±0.15°C 1.0%RH
    ENS215 Peak performance for instrumentation ±0.10°C 0.8%RH

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