PicoCap Capacitance Measurement

PCAP04 Capacitance-to-Digital Converter

PCAP04 - Capacitance-to-Digital ConverterThe PCap04 is a capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) with integragrated digital signal processor (DSP) for on-chip data post processing. The front end is based on the ScioSense PICOCAP principle.

This conversion principle provides remarkable versatility in terms of power consumption, resolution, and speed.

Furthermore, PCap04 has a capacitance input range spanning a few femtofarads to several hundreds of nanofarads. The PCap04 can be easily configured for various capacitance measurement requirements, including single and differential sensors in both grounded and floating connections.

The on-chip DSP enables the implementation of sensor algorithms like linearization and temperature compensation, with data output options including digital (SPI or IIC) and analog (PDM/PWM).

PCAP04 Picocap

PicoCap: Capacitance Measurement


For customers that are unable to use the QFN24 packaged Pcap04 or require die for their own packaging, ScioSense now offers die in wafer form. Customers requiring less than a wafer for smaller projects or first article builds, PMT (Precision Measurement Technologies) in Clearwater, Florida has wafer packs in 100 and 250 quantities available for quick turnaround. Whether you need just a few hundred or a few thousand, PMT, a ScioSense Technology Center, ships worldwide and can help with your project.


  • Up to 6 capacitors in grounded mode
  • Up to 3 capacitors in floating mode
  • Internal reference 1 to 31pF
  • Integrated guarding operational amplifier


  • High flexibility: Easy adaption to various applications – ultra-low power, high resolution or high speed – just by configuration
  • High resolution or high speed
  • On-chip DSP for sensor algorithms, signal post-processing including linearization and temperature compensation
  • On-chip and external temperature measurement capability

PCAP04 Product Properties

Channels 6
Noise [aF@10pF] 8
Max. Rate [SPS] 50000
Operating Supply Range [M] 3.0 to 3.6
Interface SPI, I²C, PDM, PWM
CPU 32-bit
Memory 4k NVRAM
Ambient Temperature Range [°C] -40 to +125
Package QFN24


Documentation & Downloads

Evaluation Kit

For a quick and easy start-up with the PICOCAP product line we offer a general evaluation kit. The system is connected to the PC’s USB interface through the PICOPROG programming device. A comfortable evaluation software allows to program and configure the PCAP04. The measurement data can be shown numerically and graphically. Finally, the data can be exported to text files for further analyses.

Evaluation Software:


  • Density & Level Sensors
  • Moisture Sensing

Ordering Numbers

Part Number
RoHS compl.
Shipping Package
PCap02A Dice Yes
PCap02AE QFN32 Yes
PCap02-EVA-KIT System Yes Box
PCap01A MNR 1613 Dice Yes
PCap01AD MNR 1793 QFN32 Yes
PCap01AK MNR 1795 QFN24 Yes
PCap01-EVA-KIT MNR 1912-01 System Yes Box
PCap01-HUM-EVA MNR 1796 System Yes Box
PCap01-HUM-DEMO MNR 1792 System Yes Box