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Design & Technology Center for ScioSense Products

We are a product, design, & technology center providing full product solutions. We specialize in precision measurement applications requiring a high level of technical support. From the introduction of the technology to setting up evaluation kits through to complete product development.


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We Help our Customers Get From Concepts to Production

PMT is a solutions provider focusing on the ScioSense line of products. Our product solutions also include Surface Concept and Nova Scientific products. Our PMT team is highly technical and trained to aid in the development of evaluation kits and help customers to solve technical issues. We support the customer throughout the development process and get the product to production as quickly as possible.

ScioSense sensor products include strain gauge measurement (Picostrain), capacitance measurement (Picocap), ultrasonic flow converters (UFC), and smart sensor technology (Picoturn).

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A division of PMT, TALOS® is an innovative storm front detection system that provides situational awareness of approaching storms up to a distance of 25 miles. With solutions for OEM and retail, TALOS® is leading the way to provide alerts for any outdoor activity.