BoostedNFC Analog Front End for Embedded Payment and Ticketing

The AS3921 is an advanced Analog Front End with ams' unique boosted NFC technology, ideal for applications that require card functionality, but are environmentally challenged or have limited space for antenna design.Connected through the ACLB or NFC WI interface of a Secure Element or a tag, the AS3921 is ideal for wearable devices and other small footprint devices that requires NFC functionality. Moreover it allows implementing a simpler design than the conventional NFC controller-based architecture, resulting in a more cost-effective solution, occupying a board footprint around one-third smaller, using fewer components and consuming five- to-six times less power in standby.The AS3921 makes the consumer's experience of contactless transactions easy, quick, and completely reliable, whether for payments in shops, ticketing in metro/urban mass transit infrastructure, or access control.

  • BoostedNFC technology, based on Active Load Modulation
  • Automatic power and automatic gain control
  • Ultra-low power
  • Power supply switch for SE
  • Bigger operating volume, higher level of interoperability even with antennas below 100 mm2
  • Interface to SE to boost card emulation performance
  • Simple system integration
  • Small footprint, low overall cost of ownership

The AS3921 BoostedNFC is excellent for NFC applications on small footprint devices, such as wearable devices.The BoostedNFC ams products are useful for two types of embedded applications:

  • In combination with Secure Element to allow payment, ticketing and access control on smart devices.
  • In combination with NFiC™ or some other RFIC tag IC to allow specific features such as Bluetooth/Wi-Fi pairing through NFC, and communication to a microcontroller through an RF interface.
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Protocols supported / Standard [ ]ISO14443A/B, FeliCa
Frequency [ MHz]13.56
Antenna management [ ]APC
Supply [ V]2.7 to 3.6
Sensitivity [mVpp]50
Bitrate [ kbps]106
Temperature range [°C]-25 to +85