• High performance + ultra-low power 32-Bit CPU with:
  • 128 * 32 NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) for user firmware parameter & data
  • 4k * 8 NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) for user firmware program code
  • 4k * 8 ROM for system task code and special flow library code
  • Capability of MID-compliant flow & temperature calculation, GP30-supported
  • Flexible interfaces, SPI, UART, pulse (flow only)
  • Advanced high-precision analog part
  • Transducers can be connected directly to GP30, no external components required
  • Amplitude measurements of receiving signal for secure bubble, aging and empty spool piece detection
  • Up to 31 multi-hits for flow measurement yield the highest accuracy
  • High update rates with very low power consumption of for example 6 µA at 8 Hz, including flow and temperature calculations, measure rate adopted to the flow
  • Very low space and component requirements