TDC-GP2 Fire-pulse Generator

The fire-pulse generator generates a sequence of pulses which is highly programmable in frequency, phase and number of pulses. The high-speed oscillator frequency is used as the basic frequency. This frequency is internally doubled and can freely be divided by a factor of 2 to 15. It is possible to generate 1 to 15 pulses. For each pulse the phase can be adjusted per register configuration.

The fire-pulse generator provides 2 outputs. The driver strength of each output is 48 mA @ 5V. These 2 outputs can be paralleled to increase the driver strength up to 96 mA. Furthermore each output signal can be inverted to double the signal amplitude. The outputs can be set individually high-Z.

The fire-pulse generator allows to generate and send pulse sequences multiple times for use in a quasi sing-around method. Using this feature the received pulse sequence is fed into TDC-GP2 Fire_In input. It is digitally amplified and directly forwarded to the output buffer for an immediate re-emittance without any clock delay.