Talos™  SFD-1000RS

Talos™ SFD-1000RS Rocker Switch Storm Front & Lightning Detector

The Talos™ SFD-1000RS is a Storm Front and Lightning Detector utilizing a patent-pending design for Storm Safety Awareness in the area. The SFD-1000RS fits into industry standard rocker switch openings.


The SFD-1000RS can alert you to an approaching or departing storm front and lightning by sensing the distance of lightning strikes (up to 25 miles) that are occurring in the area via audible and visual alerts.

Key Features

  • Detection of both cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning activity within a 25 mile range
  • Compact Design
  • 3 Different Colors Indicate the Distance (approaching or departing) of the Storm Front
    Green:25 miles
    Blue:16 miles
    Red:6 miles
  • Fits into industry standard rocker switch openings
  • Same Technology as Used in Expensive Weather Stations

Key Benefits

  • Provides early warning beyond human senses & gives distance estimation to head of storm
  • Algorithm minimizes false indications
  • Antenna Auto tuning
  • Suitable for very small form factor applications.

Talos SFD-1000RS Applications