Talos™ Lightning detector for pools

Talos™ SFD-1000 Lightning Detector for Pools & Pool Safety

The Talos™ SFD-1000 Storm & Lightning Detector uses the same technology that expensive weather stations utilize. PMT packaged that technology into a low-cost lightning detector for pools.

SFD-1000 Storm & Lightning Detector

Lightning causes over a 6000 deaths and injuries per year. Since 2006, lightning strikes were reported as the second leading cause of storm deaths in the United States. Most of these injuries could have been prevented had they known that lightning was in the area.

SFD-1000 Storm & Lightning Detector on a Swimming Pool

Talos™ can detect lightning up to 25 miles away providing both visual and audible alerts of approaching and departing storm fronts creating an awareness of a potentially life-threatening situation.

3 Different Colors Indicate the Distance (approaching or departing) of the Storm Front
Green:25 miles
Blue:16 miles
Red:6 miles