Talos™ Lightning detector for golf Carts

Talos™ SFD-1000 Storm & Lightning Detector - Lightning Safety for Golf Carts

The Talos™ SFD-1000 series is a Storm & Lightening Detector utilizing a proprietary patent-pending design for Storm Safety Awareness of Lightning Strikes in the area.

Whether you are on the golf course or using a residential golf cart, the SFD-1000 can alert you to an approaching or departing storm front and lightning by sensing the distance of lightning strikes that are occurring in the area via audible and visual alerts, making you aware of potentially life-threatening situations.

SFD-1000 Storm & Lightning Detector on a Golf Cart

Golf Carts

SFD-1000 Series Storm & Lightning Detector on a Residential Golf Cart

Residential Carts


  • Up to 25 Mile Range
  • Standard, Remote & Rocker Switch Versions
  • Compact Design
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Same Technology Used in Weather Stations
  • Long Battery Life

Talos™ Series Product Versions


SFD-1000 (Standard Version)
Available in standard & quick disconnect mountings.


SFD-1000R (Remote Version)
Compact design for remote mounting.


SFD-1000RS (Rocker Switch)
Fits into industry standard rocker switch openings.

3 Different Colors Indicate the Distance (approaching or departing) of the Storm Front.
Green:25 miles
Blue:16 miles
Red:6 miles