smart light management

Smart Lighting

The ams smart lighting family of products are a system-on-chip sensor integrated IoT smart lighting manager.

The ams LED Lighting Segment can be divided into 3 main segments. The first being the Backlighting Display Drivers which covers displays as well as wearables with LDO and audio sync.

The second category is the LED Driver. The LED Driver covers:

  • On-Product Displays and Billboards with key button access
  • Ambient Light Sensors
  • Color Light Sensors
  • Gesture Controls
  • Close-Range Proximity
  • Light-to-Voltage, Light-to-Digital, Light-to-Frequency
  • Heart Rate Monitor

The last segment is the Smart Lighting Segment. This allows us to take our ambient light sensors and color light sensors to the next level by allowing us to change the color and illumination level for daylight harvesting. Daylight harvesting is important because it allows for building automation and allows us to save money while using the sun's rays in order to illuminate the structure.

Smart Lighting Products