as5304 linear position sensor

AS5304: 160-Step Linear Incremental Position Sensor with ABI Output

The AS5304 is an incremental position sensor for linear and rotary off-axis applications based on contactless magnetic sensor technology. To measure position and motion a multi-pole magnet strip or ring has to be used. There are 160 pulses per 4.0 mm pole pair length on the standardized quadrature output interface with an index pulse (=ABI-interface) with a maximum speed of 20m/sec.

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Key Features

  • Contactless motion and position sensing
  • High speed measurement
  • Immune to external magnetic stray fields

Key Benefits

  • Highest reliability and durability in harsh environments
  • Control of high speed movements
  • Lower material cost (no magnetic shielding needed)


  • Replacement of linear and rotary optical sensor systems
  • Control of XYZ - tables
  • Motor speed and motion control for off-axis applications
  • CNC machines
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Resolution160 step
Minimum pole pair length4mm
Interfaces []
Output []ABI
Max speed [m/s]20
Supply voltage [V]5.0
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +125
Automotive qualified