as5600 rotary position sensor

AS5600: 12-Bit On-Axis Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor With Analog or PWM Output

The AS5600 is an easy to program magnetic rotary position sensor with a high-resolution 12-bit analog or PWM output. This contactless system measures the absolute angle of a diametric magnetized on-axis magnet. This AS5600 is designed for contactless potentiometer applications and its robust design eliminates the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic fields. The industry-standard I2C interface supports simple user programming of non-volatile parameters without requiring a dedicated programmer. An easy start and stop position programming in a so called "3 wire mode" without a programmer or digital interface is also implemented. The default range of the output is 0 to 360 degrees. The AS5600 can be applied to smaller range by programming a zero angle (start position) and a maximum angle (stop position). The AS5600 is also equipped with a smart low power mode feature to automatically reduce the power consumption.

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Key Features

  • Contactless angle measurement
  • Simple user-programmable start and stop positions over the I2C interface
  • Maximum angle programmable from 18° up to 360°
  • 12-bit DAC output resolution
  • Analog output ratiometric to VDD or PWM-encoded digital output
  • Automatic entry into low-power mode

Key Benefits

  • Highest reliability and durability
  • Simple programming
  • Great flexibility on angular excursion
  • High-resolution output signal
  • Selectable output
  • Low-power consumption


  • Contactless potentiometers
  • Contactless knobs
  • Pedals
  • RC servos
  • Angular position measurement solutions
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Outputanalog out / PWM / I2C
Max speed [rpm]
Overvoltage protection [ ]no
Supply voltage [V] 3-3.6 and 4.5-5.5
Temperature range [°C]-40 to +125
Automotive qualified