TDC-GPX2: High Performance Time-to Digital Converter

February 17th, 2017

TDC-GPX2: High Performance Time-to Digital Converter

by John Monteith
Product Technical Manager

Applications like radar, PET scanners, automatic test equipment, photon counting and mass spectroscopy require very high performance to acquire the data, process the data and deliver it to the data acquisition system for making decisions like radar range, precision timing measurements for ATE and precise mapping in PET scanners. The devices need to be small, light-weight and cost effective to be used in high volume applications. In fact, the GPX2 is already being designed into many of these applications today.

Ams AG has just launched the new high-end Time to Digital Converter, the TDC-GPX2. This new device offers high resolution, 10ps, high update rate to the outside world (up to 70 mega-samples per second) using the low voltage differential signaling interface (LVDS), and it has very low power consumption in operation. All this performance is available in a small 9mm by 9mm QFN64 package. These features make it ideal for use in high performance precision measurement systems.

TDC-GPX2 Applications
The ability to measure very short time intervals all the way to very long time intervals make the GPX2 an ideal part for a very wide variety of applications. High resolution and fast update rate enable these systems to be very fast and very accurate and can provide more detailed data than has been possible before.

Ams is already a leader in the LIDAR, laser scanner and 3D LIDAR market with the TDC-GPX for high precision ranging applications. The GPX2 provides even higher resolution, better precision and higher update rate that allow customers to develop systems with even higher detail and accuracy.

  • LIDAR for Autonomous Vehicles
  • LIDAR for Drones
  • LIDAR and Virtual Reality
  • LIDAR and 3D LIDAR