Solutions for High Energy Physics

March 15th, 2018

The neutron detectors combined with Delay Line Detectors offer an alternative to the 3He gas tube neutron detectors. The Surface Concept Imaging Neutron Detector with Time Resolution is that new alternative.

Since the 3He gas that is used is expensive and difficult to get, the tube neutron detectors are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and more expensive. Nova Scientific and Surface Concept teamed up to develop a new generation of solid state neutron detection solution. The neutron detectors offer a large field of view of up to 150mm with very high spatial resolution to ~35us and high time resolution from 0.1us to 1us for low energy neutrons. This system offers uninterrupted time-resolved imaging at count rates of several million thermal, cold, or ultra-cold neutrons per second. Applications include neutron radiography and tomography tasks.

The solution is enabled by the Nova Scientific special neutron sensitive Micro Channel Plate (MCP) and the principle that allows this unique solution is shown here.

An impacting neutron produces charged particles by reacting with a 10B nucleus. This process releases electrons in the MCP, which in turn create secondary electrons that continue to multiply and create the output pulse.

The neutron detector is very flexible. It can be mounted in a vacuum chamber or an evacuated neutron beamline. Direct single neutron pulse counting is possible using the integrated Surface Concept Delay Line electronic readout which allows ~50um spatial and 100ns timing resolution simultaneously.

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