Picoturn - The Solution for Measuring Turbocharger Rotational Speed

November 28th, 2018

The PicoTurn Rotational Speed Sensor from ams is used to measure turbocharger rotational speed with high accuracy. An example of this would be that of a compressor wheel in a turbocharger. The PicoTurn test system uses the eddy current reduction technique. This technique directly senses each vane of the turbocharger wheel with a speed sensor that is mounted in a hole bored into the turbocharger housing. PicoTurn measures speeds to 400,000 rpm, requires no modification of rotating parts, and senses the compressor wheel directly.

Two main advantages to the PicoTurn test system versus traditional methods of turbocharger speed sensing is that PicoTurn is resistant to dirt and debris which can be problematic for optical sensing solutions. The other advantage is that we do not need to modify the actual rotating wheel in any kind of way like you would in a magnetic solutions.

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