PicoCap - The Most Flexible Solution in Direct Capacitance-to-Digital Conversion

November 07th, 2014

PicoCap - The Most Flexible Solution in Direct Capacitance-to-Digital Conversion

by John Monteith
Product Technical Manager, 
Precision Measurement Technologies

PMT, a leading edge technology solution provider that focuses on high precision measurement applications, can now offer you the PicoCap product family for measuring capacitance. The PicoCap product line currently includes the PCAP01 and PCAP02 and is ideal for any application requiring very low current consumption, The product line can be used with a broad range of sensors.

Applications ideal for this product include pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors,
touch key sensors and many, many more.

The capacitance measured by the PicoCap product line can span from a few fF up to several hundred nF and the power consumption can go down to a few μA.

The capacitance range and power consumption, combined with update rates up to 500,000 measurements per second and precision up to 22 bits, makes the PicoCap solution extremely versatile and ideal for a variety of applications.

The PicoCap family should be worth considering and exploring for any battery powered or solar powered application.
The low power consumption can help significantly extend overall operation time of many products.

In today’s society where wireless products engulf our daily lives, the extended operation time can be a major benefit and significant buying motive for the end user.

At this time, PMT is even developing a new product for the PicoCap family that will cater to the MEMs community.
The new part will be offered in an even smaller package than the current parts and will be sold in die form as well.
It will continue the trend of reducing power consumption and increasing accuracy and precision.

The technology we offer, along with our world class customer service, makes PMT an ideal partner for any company looking to take the next step and gain a competitive advantage over their competition by differentiating their product.

PMT offers in house technical support to better assist you and to get your product to the marker faster.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at 727-532-6144 or at if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

John Monteith, Product Technical Manager for
Precision Measurement Technologies
has 39 years of experience in new product design, project team management, semiconductor design, and applications engineering. John has been with PMT since its inception and for the last five and a half years has been focused on supporting a wide range of projects utilizing time-to-digital technology in high precision measurement applications.