NanEye 2D - Smallest Miniature Camera in the Market

April 21st, 2017

NanEye 2D - Smallest Miniature Camera in the Market

by Admir Heljo
Product Technical Manager

The NanEye 2D is an industry leading and award winning digital miniaturized camera. It's based on CMOS technology and measures in at 1mm x 1mm. The compact camera offers 250 x 250 pixel resolution at 3μm pitch.

The NanEye camera provides delay free, smooth video operation resulting in crisp
and clear imaging. The camera is mounted on a flat ribbon cable that provides digital bit serial data over an LVDS link at up to 55 frames per second. Due to its low energy interface, the NanEye does not require any complicated shield to meet EMC standards.

The NanEye 2D camera was designed with medical imaging devices in mind that require the smallest possible form factor and high resolution. Some of these applications include endoscopy, laparoscopy, catheters, surgical robots and
3D dental imaging. The camera can be used for both reusable and disposable devices.
The NanEye can also be applied to consumer type applications such as eye tracking for virtual reality headsets.