CCS801/811: Solution of Choice for Air Quality Monitoring

June 20th, 2017

CCS801/811: Solution of Choice for Air Quality Monitoring

by CK Hamilton
Product Technical Manager

The Ams CCS801 and CCS811 gas sensors are fast becoming the solution of choice for the air quality monitoring industry based upon their ultra-low power, high sensitivity to VOC’s, and consistent high reliability. Produced using patent-pending proprietary technologies developed by Ams, the CCS801/811 are perfect for air quality monitoring and safety/control type applications. Their ultra-low power consumption and quick response to target gases make them the perfect choice for iOT/Smart Home solutions.

The Ams CCS801/811 allows for your choice of an analog or digital gas sensor solution. They monitor air quality for a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and are packaged in a very small form factor for maximum design efficiency. The CCS811 digital gas sensor makes designing quick and easy with an integrated MCU and ADC with an industry standard I²C interface. The market for CCS801/811 is growing rapidly due to new regulatory requirements and the need to monitor air quality in office buildings, schools, hospitals, and many other public places. Applications where air quality is a concern include:

  • Bathroom fans
  • Industrial ceiling fans
  • Warehouse fans
  • Indoor air spot ventilation systems
  • Indoor air dilution ventilation systems
  • HVAC ventilation systems
  • HVAC controllers
  • Appliances
  • Building Automation
  • Thermostats
  • Residential and commercial kitchen range hoods

And many, many more!
PMT has done proof of concept work for the air quality monitoring market utilizing mobile apps, wireless communication, and web portal capability for data logging, setting alarms, and driving text and email alerts. The web portal allows for data trend analysis with 30 days of logged data, extremely helpful when trying to diagnose issues regarding environmental changes.

The CCS801/811 are highly optimized parts that are feature rich yet incredibly cost effective for high volume applications. The features of the parts include:


  • 2x3mm DFN Package
  • Optimized low-power modes
  • Reduced Cross-Sensitivity
  • Fast heating time


  • Integrated MCU
  • On-board processing
  • Standard digital interface
  • Optimized low-power modes
  • IAQ threshold alarms
  • Programmable baseline
  • 2.7 x 4.0mm LGA package
  • Low component count
  • Proven technology platform

Contact PMT to learn more about the CCS801/811, as well as any of the other Ams sensor solutions.