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Time-to-Digital Converters (TDCs)

Acam Time to Digital Converter

Time-to-digital converters (TDCs) are devices used to measure time intervals in the range of 1 nanosecond down to the picosecond range. The first time-to-digital converters have been developed for scientific and research purposes. They have been realized as a combination of time-to-analog (TAC) and analog-to-digital (ADC) converter. A sophisticated design of the TAC together with limitations to update rate or multihit capability make these solutions inattractive for industrial applications.

General Circuit Features

The TDC-GP2 is the next generation of acam general-purpose TDCs. Higher resolution and smaller package size make it ideal for cost-sensitive industrial applications. With special function blocks like a fire pulse generator, stop enable, temperature measurement, and clock control, it is perfectly suited for flowmeter and heat-meter applications.

Integrated digital TDCs

Thanks to modern CMOS-technology it is possible to integrate fully digital time-to-digital converters into a single chip. The high precision of the time measurement - down to 14 ps - in combination with the large dynamic range (up to 30 Bit), the high stability over temperature and supply voltage and the possibilty of a low cost production thanks to the CMOS technology make them the first choice for industrial applications.

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