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AS7220 Lumen/Color Maintenance Manager

Standalone Color/Lux Sensing and Integrated Luminaire Management

AS7220 is a highly-integrated Smart Lighting Manager with embedded tri-stimulus color sensing for direct CIE color point mapping. This provides single-device, closed-loop and automatic lock lumen output and CCT/color points for LED lamps and luminaires to enable long term lamp stability and lumen/color accuracy. For streamlined system integration, luminaire control is through direct connection to 0-10V dimmers, with control outputs that include direct PWM to LED drivers and analog 0-10V for simplified dimming.

Block Diagram of the AS7220 Luminaire and Color Manager

Key Features

  • XYZ tri-stimulus sensor for accurate CCT/lux control
  • Compatible with standard dimmer, occupancy controls and ballasts
  • Built-in PWM generator for precise LED channel control
  • 2.3 x 2.5mm WLCSP package, 5 x 5mm LGA

Key Benefits

  • Automatic CCT/color point and lumen maintenance
  • Direct 0-10V inputs/outputs
  • Direct PWM interfaces
  • Choice of compact 20-pin packages

AS7220 Applications

Autonomous, solid-state lighting manager for long term color point and lumen maintenance.

  • Enables luminaire manufacturers to maintain rigid color-point and/or lumen maintenance standards requirements
  • Luminaires intended to meet California Title 24 daylighting requirements
  • Commercial, retail, and residential white/color LED lighting systems
  • Standalone lighting systems with select ams sensor expandability

AS7220 Product Facts

Sensor Type True Color XYZ (CIE)
Application Lumen/Color Maintentance
Reference Networking n/a
Smart Ltg Command Set n/a
Lux/CCT Control Hardware Config
I2C Master
Package TSV (2x2)